Collage ring 4

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Broken stones and scraps of silver. Made as part of my low waste practice these rings are material scraps that would usually be discarded.
Lapis and sodalite composed on a brass ground, Silver glyphs adorn the reverse. Silver band size 6.75
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The stones in this series were all damaged or subpar, I've been putting these little piece in a bowl for years and finally found a way to honor the embodied energy they represent by making something beautiful out of these scraps.

A note on stones:
Most semiprecious stones are mined in an extremely harmful fashion with little to no concern shown for the ethical and environmental impacts of this process. Several years ago I realized I could no longer participate in this system of destruction and oppression and stopped purchasing new stones. I feel it’s my responsibility to give my collectors the chance to make informed decisions around their purchases and so want to be transparent about my sourcing.


Image of Collage ring 4 Image of Collage ring 4 Image of Collage ring 4